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Cheapest printed kurti for women online in India, large size

Cheapest printed kurti for women online in India, large size
Price : Rs 111 only
Printed kurti for women , large size
Chest : 110 cm +
Length : 89 cm+
Manufacturing tolerance : +/- 5 cm
Round neck
Different types of neck available
Material : polyester cotton blend
Wrinkle proof, no ironing required
Printed Pattern available may differ from photo
Different colours available on request.
Short sleeves
Kurti with pocket also available
Ideal for daily use, travelling
Shipping extra
Payment by VPP only
Bulk discount available
Custom design available to meet target price
More details at
Please send your request to, and

Corporate consultancy

The growth and success of any organization depends to a large extent on the corporate culture, organization structure and how well the management who guide the remaining employees are trained . Our Executive Coaching program has been developed to improve the productivity of every executive in the organization. Orginizational Development program will develop the organization so that it will be successful in both the short and long term adapting to the different business conditions. We help an organization develop Values Based Leadership so that employees are clear about what kind of values are expected so that they can prosper in the organization and contribute to the growth. Our Managment Training programs are formulated taking into account the organization size, culture, and products or services offered so that the management can take decisions quickly and without making major errors.

If any company should flourish in a particular area, its values should match the Local Corporate Culture, else it will find it difficult to get local clients. Companies often forget that it will be very difficult to get a new customer and do not bother to maintain their relationship with existing customers. For most small businesses usually it is much more easier to get an existing customer purchase more products, instead of spending time and money on advertising and other lead generation methods to acquire a new customer who may not be familiar with the product.

The firm will also help determine the Best Organization Structure for Performance Enhancement, so that the number of orders received are maximized and payment can be collected at the earliest after delivering the order. If there are too many people in an organization handling a single activity, the process of decision making will slow down and there will be scope for misunderstanding. Ideally performance can be enhanced by making an individual do the maximum possible work when in office, and reducing the number of staff to the minimum. All activity should be reviewed periodically to check if it is really required to meet the organizational goals.

Culture clashes in an organization can adversely affect the productivity of the organization. While some amount of screening will be done at the time of hiring, Values Based Culture Development will be an integral part of the activities of the Human resources development team and any management consulting firm which they employ. The culture in engineering companies will be radically different from internet companies and hence Executive Training will be necessary for a person from the IT/internet sector who wishes to work in the relatively low stress engineering companies, where a person will be expected to do all the work needed for a project, and waste less time playing office politics.