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Tax payer money wasted to harass OBc engineers in India

Though the constitution and media may say that casteism does not exist, it remains omnipresent, especially in the indian internet sector. OBC engineers who start their own business in India have to face an uphill task as powerful officials, mainly brahmin , jealous of them will waste infinite tax payer money to harass them for years without being questioned or held accountable . The wastage of tax payer money includes
1. surveillance for more than 5 years
2. theft of retirement savings
3. monitoring and diversion of phone calls, smses, emails
4. theft of other correspondence including postal mail
5. threatening and defaming the OBC business owner and all their associates
6. blocking payment, closing account
7. theft of resume for mediocre lazy cheater fraud friends and relatives of these officials
8. directed energy weapon attack and human rights abuses daily to cause great pain
9. V2k technology used to read their mind and send messages to torture them

What does the government or India get by harassing a harmless innocent OBC engineer, webmaster, domain investor and online exporter, reducing her revenue to a very great extent. The main beneficiaries of the atrocities on the OBC single woman engineer are the mediocre lazy greedy fraud relatives and friends of the brahmin officials like goan diploma holder call girl siddhi mandrekar, OBC call girl bsc sunaina, shivalli brahmin bangalore cheater housewife nayanshree hathwar, riddhi, asmita patel, veena, ruchika who have got lucrative governmemt jobs stealing the resume of the OBC engineer and exporter . none of these mediocre fraud women would have got the governmemt job on the basis of their real experience, investment or qualification.

The cunning fraud brahmin officials are promoting the inexperienced lazy greedy cunning goan OBC call bsc sunaina who provides FREE SEX to them as experienced OBC investor, engineer, when she has not spent a single paisa online just to deny the real OBC engineer her due and humiliate, defame her.


Tax payer money wasted to reduce OBC exporters revenue

Due the rampant casteism in India it appears that only certain castes like Brahmins and Banias have the right to be wealthy, all others are expected to play second fiddle to them. If a brilliant obc engineer and exporter will work hard to become wealthy, the fraud cunning officials from the rich castes will accuse the innocent harmless civilian of any number of crimes like money laundering, terrorism, black money, without any kind of proof,. These fraud cruel officials will then waste indian tax payer money for years to harass the OBC exporter reducing their revenue.

The worst kind of harassment remains the diversion of correspondence and human rights abuses. They will have one government employee deployed exclusively to monitor the harmless OBC online exporter, even at home, using infrared imaging and instructed to attack the harmless OBC exporter repeatedly to cause great pain. The cruel cowardly employee will use directed energy weapons to cause great pain to the exporter at every opportunity, wasting tax payer money.

The attack will be very severe when the OBC exporter will connect to the internet crippling the exporter for periods which may vary from a few hours to a day or more, The obc exporter will spend all his or her time trying to evade the attack, will not be able to connect to the internet or use the computer for long affecting his or her revenue, as some time has to be spent online for an online business

The exporter has to disconnect the internet connection and flee the moment the directed energy weapons attack has been detected to prevent damage to his or her body, reduce pain and memory loss . The attack will be very severe during the day, hence the OBC exporter will be forced to work only at night when those attacking are not so active.
All attempts to officially find out those attacking and the reason for the attack using RTI have failed. Unofficially allegedly it appears that the fraud officials who have stolen the resume of the OBC engineer for inexperienced, lazy greedy shivalli brahmin bangalore cheater housewife nayanshree hathwar, goan call girls siddhi mandrekar, bsc sunaina and others are attacking the harmless OBC exporter trying to cover up their fraud and guilt in faking an engineering degree and experience.

when there are so many restrictions and so much indian tax payer money wasted daily to attack the harmless indian OBC exporter, naturally the turnover/online revenues of the OBC exporter will reduce to a very large extent.

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