When Ideas Become Artistic Reality

An idea can only become reality if it doesn’t stay buried in your head. I paint pictures using different kinds of paint. Sometimes I paint for fun, while others I do it to sell my art. The range of clients that I was selling my art to was pretty limited. During a painting session one day, I came up with the idea for a network that could be used to facilitate the selling and buying of art. I went to www.massiveinfinity.com to request their services and they helped me create my idea.

The whole point of the the network is to make it possible for people to post listing of art that they want to sell to others. The network isn’t limited to just selling paintings. People can post sculptures, vases, and even drawings to the network. Anyone who is interested in buying the art can browse the network and find out where the art and artist are located. They can choose to make a transaction through the network, or make one in person. The network is accessible through a smart phone app that anyone can download from their respective phone market. The app is available for every kind of smart phone operating system currently in use.

Since the app has been launched, it had a slow growth that exploded into a massive surge in just a week. People were leaving positive comments about the app on the app market and telling other people to try it. One of the cable news stations even did a small feature on the app in their top apps of the week segment. I didn’t expect for the app to catch on with as many people as it did, but I guess there are a lot of people who are hungry to purchase content, and even more who are hungry to create it.


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