I Hurt My Back Last Week

You hear about people getting hurt in the bath tub or the shower all of the time and that is what happened to me. Of course I suppose that I should feel fortunate, since I hit my head, but I did not really hurt it. Obviously you get a few cases where people fall in the shower and cracker their skulls wide open. People do die and get paralyzed obviously. At any rate I just had nice lump on my skull, but my back got hurt pretty good. I went to see a Beverly hills chiropractor yesterday, although I only did it because that was what my boss told me to do. He got tired of me moaning when I tried to get up out of my desk chair. In fact I had no clue how to pick a chiropractor, but I definitely knew that I did not want to make the wrong choice. I assume that if you had gone to see one who was not based in a high rent zip code, then they probably would not have charged as much.

However in this case the boss recommended this guy and set up the appointment. It seems like it was a pretty good choice so far as the results go, and that is all that you really care about. I hobbled in the place and then after about an hour I was able to walk out of the place with no pain. In fact it was pretty nice, although I still have a big bruise on my back. That color is apparently not going to go away at any time soon. So I just have to keep putting ice on it. The fact is that I am going to have to replace the things on my shower floor too.

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