Pure Bliss to Have This House

I knew that I would need to hire a great realtor in Denver in order to find the house that I wanted to have. I only had the specifics that I wanted, so it was up to the realtor to find a house that was for sale and had had everything that I wanted. I wanted more than just the typical three bedrooms and two baths with a white picket fence. I am an artist, and I wanted to have a large area for my studio that had the right kind of lighting.

I needed more than just that, but the studio was my main focus. I needed a large attic space, or even a second structure on the property that had ample lighting options. I was not opposed to buying a house that had something like a mother in law suite as long as the lighting worked for me. I knew that I would be the only one who would be able to determine that, but I at least wanted to only look at places that had that real potential to work out for me. That is why I didn’t even try to find it on my own, knowing that a realtor would have much better success finding what I needed.

I also wanted a finished basement, a home office, and a large kitchen, because I love to cook in my spare time. I even wanted to have enough space outside to have my very first garden, something that I have wanted for too many years. When you go to the best, you get results, and that is exactly what I got with my realtor. It only took a few weeks, but he found me the perfect house. I have my studio and everything else I wanted, and it is pure bliss living here now!


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