cia, raw and online businesses

CIA helps american companies like google, paypal increase their profit, destroy competition . On the other hand, though R&AW is funded with indian tax payer money, it wastes a huge amount of tax payer money to destroy some indian businesses, especially those in the tech sector, which are not owned by brahmins or banias. In a specific case, ntro, raw, cbi, and other indian intelligence, security agencies have wasted millions of dollars of indian tax payer money to destroy the life, business and finances of a harmless google competitor in india , increase the profit of google since 2010.
So Cia and raw are similar as they both help american companies like google increase their profit, and raw, cia also together destroy the life of google competitors in india as Cia has perfected the art of manipulating R&AW.
In most countries, the intelligence agencies like cia usually help their citizens, businesses to grow, however in india, R&AW does not help some indian small businesses grow, and their employees are defaming without proof, stealing leads, blocking payment of the indian small business owners, especially online, causing losses to the business owner.

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