Corrupt intelligence, security agencies defame small business owners as unemployed lead to negative job growth

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Bribed by google, tata, Corrupt intelligence, security agencies waste crores of indian tax payer money to defame harmless small business owners as unemployed lead to negative job growth.
The problem is particularly severe in panaji, goa as the shameless section 420 fraud pathological liar google, tata, ntro, cbi,raw, security agency employees have been extremely vicious in defaming, cheating and exploiting a harmless google competitor who has been under surveillance since 2010, bribed by google, tata , duping a large number of people that lazy fraud housewives like indore fraud R&AW employee veena, sex workers and other frauds are working online.
Financial details will prove that the small business owner is making some money monthly after spending money and time, however the fraud liar government employees making fake claims of tax evasion, refuse to check bank details, income tax returns, only hysterically repeat lies like parrots owned by large corporates like google, tata and others
Just because large companies are bribing them, why are government employees wasting tax payer money, abusing their powers to defame harmless small business owners, refusing to acknowledge their income, expenses and time spent.
When Gayatri Devi, a Member of Parliament was being harassed by the government, in her passport they labelled her as a housewife, in an indication of the tendency of government employees to defame indian citizens as being unemployed, when they wish to harass them (from the book a princess remembers).

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