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Radon Gas Causes, Testing, And Mitigation

Radon gas a radioactive gas that lack taste, color and smell. Radon gas is associated with its associated element radium. Radium is one of the elements in the periodic table. It naturally occur as a gas as a result of radioactive decay process of the element uranium, thorium and radium. Radon gas is not a light weighted gas though it is breathable. the process of radioactive breakdown take place on soil, water and soil having traces of radioactive substances. To get into structures; radon gas penetrates through the holes and cracks located in a building. Water that is located on the surface or underground may have traces of radon.

Radon gas is health hazardous as it contains carcinogen which causes cancer. Radon gas contaminate indoor air. Inhaling radon gas negatively impact on the health of dwellers. Geology differences translate to variations of radon gas in different locations. The features of radon gas make it hard to be identified thus need for special testing procedures.

To assess and verify the presence of radon gas in a place or building, unique testing methods should be used. An expert in testing radon gas can be hired supposed the intensity and level of radon gas is very high. The radon gas testing kit are locally found or can be purchased via online platforms. The radon gas testing kit is a package for assessing the gas, and it has a detailed instruction on how to do the test.

The radon testing gadgets might be passive or can be active. The passive kits are left in the room as stipulated by the instructions after which the specimen is taken to laboratory for analysis purposes. On the other hand, the active radon testing kit is a power needing procedure. The active testing kits analyze, quantify and record the radon gas.

Testing radon in a homestead is of great significant as it lay a foundation on making critical decisions suppose there are radon gas substance within. Presence of radon gas traces in the surrounding calls for immediate action. Action against radon gas should be taken to lower the level of the very gas. Some of the strategies that can be used to mitigate radon gas are soil suction, house pressurization, use of heat recovery ventilator just to mention but a few. Sucking radon gas off the soil drives it away. The cracks and small opening on structures should be fully filled. Aeration gadgets and charcoal filters can be used to mitigate radon in water sources.

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