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Excellent public speaking can enhance your reputation and support your confidence thus opening countless opportunities.As Good public speaking opens doors and possibilities, poor speaking in public can close doors. Someone who wants to achieve this goal of being an excellent public speaker, you should hear carefully, organize your speech, find your audience and connect your ideas well. Preparing yourself correctly and at the right time can help a student fight anxiety .

It is essential for students to make sure that they plan their communication appropriately. Public speaking is one of the most challenging experiences for students especially teens thus they strive to avoid it at all costs. The best thing about public speaking skill is that it is learnable. Even though you feel tense and hands shaking, you should not think that you won't succeed as this is normal and common. you should learn to plan on time and also seek to collect enough experience by listening to other experienced speakers too.

Use of humor in speech delivery will ensure that there is concentration and following the audience. Engaging the audience in your speech ensures that the audience is engaged and yourself do not feel alone. It is vital for students to keep practicing, and rehearsing loud with all the staff you plans to use, and paying attention to your body language too. Since public speaking takes an extended period before extending and teachers are called to assist students in developing their skills.

The group setting is the best place in developing public speaking skills. It is vital to note that remaining positive while giving a speech, assist you to become more confident, and thus you will emerge successfully. You should avoid tensing but rather relax, be prepared and make sure that you begin your speech with a story that will create a friendly atmosphere. It is important to do the right things at the right time and be confident minded when giving out a public lecture.It is crucial to identify your goal at the end of the speech that is; what information your students should have as they walk away and out of the room.

Rehearsing in front of people and organizations will help you build confidence . It is also advisable that you efficiently organize your materials to attain your goal. You should be yourself when delivering a speech so your real self can be viewed. With a good practice and enough preparation, you can overcome your nervousness and perform well. You should consider recording your speeches, often watch them and work on improving in areas that didn't go well as this can assist enhance your skills drastically.

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