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Where and How to Use Cooking Oils

Different people have different ways that they use in cooking. This can be determined by the availability of essential oils, location and even culture. There are so many cooking ways in the world today. Generally we can regroup them into three, the moist-heat cooking methods, dry heat cooking method and the combination method. Air, fat, water or steam can be used for cooking. Scientifically, this is referred to as the use of heat transfer mediums in conduction, convection, and radiation.

Water or steam is used in moist cooking method as a medium to transfer the heat. This includes steaming of foods, simmering, poaching and boiling. The use of low temperatures in cooking foods under water is known as poaching. In the liquid, no bubbles are seen. Simmering is the use of medium heat and small bubbles are seen forming. It is done mostly in stews and soups. Very huge bubbles are seen when boiling due to the very temperature used. Heat produced by the steam produced when water has reached a boiling point is used to cook foods when steaming.

Incorporation of both the dry and moist methods is referred to like the combination cooking. These are mostly seen in braising and stewing. Most foods like stews, vegetables and pastries are done in this form of a cooking method. In braising, foods are first dry-heat cooked and then little water is added and covered to simmer. Once more water is added to fully cover the ingredients then it is stewing.
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Very high heat is, and no water is used when dry-heating. Under high heat and very little oil, sauteing is done. The ingredients are added once the oil starts to smoke. Pan frying is also a form of dry-heat method whereby oil is poured on a hot pan, and once it heats up then the ingredients are added.
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We have roasting and baking which uses air to transfer heat to the ingredients. This is mostly done using an oven which is good at maintaining constant temperatures for a long period. This method of cooking is good for large items being cooked. The browning effect of the roasting is desired by many, and it makes the natural juices in the foods blend well hence enhancing the flavors.

Used all over the world is grilling as a dry-heat method. This form of cooking, unlike the roasting, requires some experience and skills to do it. A good iron-cast surfaced grill brings out a good result of the cooking food. Broiling is a part of grilling but now we use broiled foods on a preheated metal grate while heat from an overheat source cooks the meat.

Among the popular ways of cooking is the deep frying which involved food dipped inside best cooking oil to be cooked.

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