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Virtual University Forum helps students network

One of the major advantages of studying in a conventional college is that a student can interact with his or her classmates and get help. However students studying at a virtual university may not find it is easy to find someone else who they can consult or get advice from. The Virtual University Forum has been specially developed to assist students studying in the Virtual University of Pakistan.

The forum has a general discussion section, a virtual university section and a separate section each for popular subjects like Computer science, Mathematics, English, Management topics. There is another section for other subjects like Physics. Students of the Virtual University can help with solved mid term papers, quizzes, assignments and other solved virtual university papers which will help them get better grades for their exams . The forum also has a shoutbox to help members network with each other. The syllabus and culture of every country remains unique and the virtual university forum is an ideal networking opportunities for all students of the virtual university.