Domain, financial fraud of NTRO employees mainly responsible for losses, reduced revenues of google competitor

It is increasingly clear that the domain, financial fraud of top ntro employees like puneet, j srinivasan, vijay, patel, parmar are mainly responsible for the losses, and reduced revenues of the google competitor since 2010.
Normally the google competitor would develop all the domains which she had, however since 2010, the fraud ntro employees were repeatedly threatening that they will buy the domain names and falsely claimed that their sex worker, cheater girlfriends, who did not spend any money owned the domain names. So though the google competitor was paying the renewal expenses, she did not bother to develop most of the domain names, causing losses , reducing revenues as the ntro employees falsely claimed to be very honest, truthful, role model citizens
Only in 2016, the google competitor realized that the ntro, raw, cbi, google, tata employees were shameless frauds, LIARS who had no intention of purchasing the domain names, paying the market price , yet are shameless in duping people, companies and countries with their FAKE CLAIMS about domain, website ownership.
These fraud tata, google, ntro employees are behaving as if they are doing indian citizens, a great favor, allowing them to own domain names, when the domain ownership is a major expense for the google competitor
So because of the fraud, mental harassment, FAKE PROMISES of the ntro/RAW/CBI employees, the google competitor was renewing more than 300 domains which were not making any kind of money , without trying to develop them, causing losses for 8 years.
The shameless fraud ntro employees falsely claimed that it was a great privilege owning domain names, and their semiliterate housewife, sex worker girlfriends should be owning them, to get all these lazy fraud women R&AW/cbi jobs at the expense of the google competitor, real domain investor
however in 2018, after wasting crores of rupees for 8 years , it is clear that the mediocre lazy greedy girlfriends and relatives of these fraud ntro employees who google, tata got R&AW/cbi jobs with fake RESUME, INVESTMENT are not interested in spending money for a single domain name, forget purchasing 500+ domain name paying the market price from the google competitor who they cheated and exploited, and the huge annual renewal fees.

If ntro employees were honest that they were not interested in the domain names , the domain management, development, monetization strategy would be very different