Even More Benefits of Monitored Home Security for San Diego

From the urban areas to the farthest reaches of rural life, crime is no stranger. I think some people forget that burglars have cars. Plus, how many people in your neighborhood do you actually know? Even if you know your adult neighbors, do you trust their children? How about the boyfriend of the neighbor girl? Is he a nice kid, or is he one that would steal you new TV to finance his drug habit? These are real reasons we looked into home security for San Diego residents. We got an alarm system a few years ago after our neighbor’s house was robbed. It turned out that it was their daughter’s boyfriend, and he did have a drug habit.

Putting aside the need to protect your home from burglars, what about fire protection or protection from carbon monoxide. If your furnace starts spewing CO in the middle of the night, do you think you will even be able to wake up to hear your carbon monoxide detector? What if you are not home when a smoke alarm is triggered? What if your pets are home? I think it would be nice to have smoke and carbon monoxide detection connected to a monitored system that will automatically reach a live agent who can call for help day or night.

These are just a few of the benefits of getting home security for San Diego residents. Live agent monitoring is indispensable when you have an alarm system. What good is an alarm system that only connects to things that make noise? I want ours connected to someone who will call emergency services out no matter if I am home or not and no matter if a am okay or incapacitated. I like the peace of mind that monitored home security protection gives our home and family.