The Kids Have Their Ups and Downs

There’s something about my kids and their classes that usually happens once a year. They’ll start a class and perform well in it, but then they’ll reach a certain point where their grade will start to slip and they’ll need the help of a tutor. Before it was math and history, but now it’s physics. I’ve hired a physics tuition service to give them extra help after school. So far, the service has been doing a good job with the kids. Their grades are noticeably better than they were before, and they don’t take as much time to finish their homework as before.

When I was in school, I didn’t have the same problem, because I always started out doing terribly in classes. At least my kids had the advantage of being better at the beginning. I would have to stay after school and get help from the teacher to bring my grades up. My parents were always mad whenever I brought home bad grades, but when I brought home the good ones, they couldn’t wait to tell everyone and would even put some on the refrigerator and have them framed. I realize parents can be proud, especially since I am one, but I think they took it a bit too far.

Eventually my kids are going to be starting college, which will move at a much faster pace than the classes they’re taking now. I hope that they’ll be able to perform well throughout the entirety of their classes, but if they can’t, they can always get help from a tutor like they are now. For now, I’ll just be waiting for the day when the can walk across the stage and get their secondary school diploma. That moment is so close that I can practically see it happening right now.