Google trying very hard to reduce monthly revenues of google competitor to $50

The sundar pichai led google is ruthless in destroying competition and has bribed the indian government to waste a huge amount of indian tax payer money to reduce the revenues of the google competitor to $50 or less . The google associates would repeatedly send emails. The termination of Mitsu as a domain registrar was allegedly also a part of the strategy to reduce the revenues of the google competitor, domain investor as she cannot make any money selling the .in domain names. Everyone believed in the ntro employees lies about the ownership of domain names that their favorite sex workers and frauds owned the domain names

Realizing that their 8 year old identity theft fraud is not working mainly because the domain investor has a large number of domains, which she can liquidate any time, the cunning google,tata, ntro employees who masterminded the sex, bribery racket, financial fraud are now trying to ensure that the domain investor does not have any liquid assets, so that they can force her to agree to identity theft

Earlier they would send emails to taunt her that she would make only $50 a month, now after 8 years they have realized that the domain investor can sell her domain names anytime she wishes as she alone is paying for the domain names and controlling them. Depending on how much money she requires, she sells her domain names. So they have sent their associate to purchase all the domain names of the domain investor . There is no one who cares for the domain investor, so she does not have to bother about their opinion , impress anyone with her revenues.

However the domain investor who has realized that these powerful officials are extremely ruthless in destroying her life, has decided that she will liquidate her assets very slowly so that officials do not enjoy the identity theft quickly, making them wait, it is her form of fighting back against an extremely powerful enemy who cannot be identified or held accountable

Time solves many of the problems, for example till 2016, these officials were ruthless in using radiation torture, however the indore frauds and others got tired of wasting their money to bribe officials and now the radiation torture has greatly reduced in 2018. It is also clear that all the ntro employees are liars, cheaters, and their lazy greedy cheater girlfriends, relatives will never invest money in domain names or manage a website network.

When google stop hounding a harmless indian citizen, domain investor