, appears to be a fraud refuses to pay for link

NTRO, raw, cbi are so ruthless in causing losses to the google competitor, that they are always thinking of a new way to causes losses to the google competitor
since all link , ad sale leads are stolen the google, tata, ntro employees as part of the sex, bribery racket, banking fraud , the google competitor is forced to use other websites like microworkers to get some advertising
One of the ads to be posted was for, which appears to be a fraud
They said that they want PR1 websites when google has stopped updating PR in March 2016 itself
They wanted DA, PA of 20+
The google competitor posted on a website with DA 26, PA23
However was allegedly looking for free links, so they rejected the ad , after advertising for 20 days for free, in a clear indication of their petty nature and also because the website was complaining about ntro, raw, cbi’s financial fraud
This is another example of how ruthless google, tata, ntro are in reducing the revenues of the google competitor