I Cannot Wait to Move in to Sloane Residences

One of the things that I liked about Sloane Residences is the area that is in. I have two children, and their education is very important to me. Before I looked at anything else, I looked at the schools in the area. I wanted to make sure that my girls were going to get a quality education as they grow up from the little girls they are right now to the adults they will be one day in the hopefully far away future. I was impressed with the different levels of school in the area, and I knew that I would be pleased to have my girls going there.

After that, I did look at the amenities that are included for the residents because I wanted to make sure there would be things for my daughters and I to do while my husband was at work. I did not want them to grow bored, because that is when a child tends to get lazy. I wanted to be able to fill their days with activities and fun, and Sloane Residences was in the right location so I could make that happen.

Finally, I looked at the floor plans. I knew that was important too even though it was third on my priority list. I need not have worried though because the floor plans are very nice. We only need a three bedroom residence, and I am very happy with what I have seen. I love to cook, so I was especially pleased with the kitchen. It is large and spacious, and it has so much storage space that I knew we would not have a problem with anything there. When I showed my husband, he was equally happy with everything he saw. He has taken over so we can make one of the three bedroom units ours, and I cannot wait to move in!