Month: October 2019

To reduce revenues, R&AW/cbi allegedly blocking ad network payment

One of the greatest financial, online frauds in the world is how the indian government, raw/cbi are falsely claiming that their SEX SERVICE PROVIDER, ROBBER, CHEATER employees, who do not spend any money on domains, own the domains, websites of a google competitor, single woman engineer and private citizen
The indian government, ntro, raw, cbi think that repeating LIES will make it the truth when it is a clear case of financial fraud
usually all the ad networks are making payment by the 5th of the month
However in October 2019, one ad network outside USA has not made payment till October 21
When the ad network was contacted, they informed that they were facing problems with the paypal masspay

when their lazy greedy inexperienced fraud raw/cbi employees are not spending money on domains for the last 10 years, why do raw/cbi want to make fake claims and block the payment of a private citizen who is spending a lot of time and money on domain renewals

The Party Sort of Went off the Rails

In fact that sort of hints that it was ever on the rails. At any rate we had a lot of strippers at the party and things were already really interesting. Then an Asian girl got up on what counted for the stage. She was smoking hot and really good at what she was doing, but suddenly another Asian girl climbed up on that table and tried to upstage her. You could tell right off it was not a friendly rivalry. The next thing you know two Las Vegas Asian escorts were involved in a real all out brawl. Continue reading “The Party Sort of Went off the Rails”

For 8 years, goan raw/cbi employees riddhi, siddhi, sunaina blocked almost all advertising to reduce revenues

The domain investor had spent a lot of time and money developing her websites, yet because ntro, raw, cbi had given great powers to the goan frauds riddhi siddhi, falsely claiming that they owned the domains, not a single ad was sold in the last 5 years, despite paying the domain renewal fees annually
The domain investor cannot afford to retain domains as a hobby, so she is selling the domains, lowering the prices to the maximum extent possible, if no ads are being sold was one domain where R&AW employee siddhi mandrekar had blocked all advertising for the last 5 years, not a single ad was sold, and no one was purchasing the domain also indicating the selfishness and greed of the ntro, raw, cbi employees

Finally after lowering the prices, the domain was sold, at least one domain less to renew, mainly for domains the market price will have to be paid , when raw/cbi are blocking advertising why invest in domains