fraud indian internet companies duping people that the income is automatic to increase harassment of indian paypal account holders

In the last ten years, the income of online publishers in India has decreased very rapidly , while in all other sectors, the income of professionals has increased, yet the indian internet sector refuses to end their fraud

If people were aware that the legal paypal account holder is spending 10-15 hours daily sitting in front of the computer, without any holiday to make some money, they would not be interested in the work or taking over the business since they would also have to hire someone.

So to increase the harassment of the indian paypal account holders,google, tata, indian tech and internet companies are spreading false rumors that the money, is automatic, and just switching on the computer will help them make money.
Google, tata conveniently forget that for making Rs 3 lakh annually in advertising, Rs 4.5 lakh is spent on domain renewals, webhosting and other expenses, forget the labor cost of a highly skilled webmaster and are duping greedy politicians, government employees with their fake stories that the online business is very profitable to increase the harassment of the real business owner

This shows the complete lack of honesty and humanity of google, tata that they are shamelessly DUPING greedy government employees, politicians since 2010 with their FAKE STORIES