Due to computer, internet skills fraud in panaji, goa, goan newspapers not able to maximize their advertising revenues

One of the most shocking aspects of living in goa is how ruthless and shameless the intelligence and security agencies are in criminally defaming educated women professionals, especially those with computer skills
In Mumbai, before 2010, people acknowledged that the domain investor had better computer, internet skills than most other people. Only in panaji, goa the government agencies are extremely brazen in criminally defaming her, making fake claims about her bank account, domains, refusing to acknowledge the time and money which she alone is investing
In Goa, not many people have expertise in website monetization so though the local newspapers are well known, their websites are not optimized for maximizing revenues
While the domain investor does not know what percentage of newspaper revenues are from advertising, they are loosing some money from classifieds , since one classified ad is costing Rs 160 per ad. During the lockdown the ads reduce from 300+ to 100 or less daily.