Even domain parking traffic is being diverted and stolen to reduce revenues

As part of the government writing fraud, slavery, the government agencies are openly involved in cybercrime and falsely claiming that their lazy greedy employees who do not spend any time, are doing the writing work to give them great powers and monthly salary
So after a good domain sale, the domain investor is investing money in domains which can be parked, flipped or used for advertising
Yet showing how selfish and greedy the government employees are, they are also robbing the parking traffic and stealing it without a legally valid reason causing losses to the domain investor.
The domain investor had purchased a domain only because the domain registrar claimed that it had 1144 visitors in a month , approximately 35 visitors in a day
On the first day of parking with bodis, the domain was showing 6 visitors, after which it is not showing any visitor at all, for the next two days, which is odd for a high traffic domain.
Realizing that greedy government employees in india who are extremely aggressive, shameless in looting online investors may be stealing the visitors, the domain investor changed the parking to another parking company and it is now again showing some visitors
The greedy government employees are getting a very good salary,pension and bribes, yet they are allowed to loot other indian citizens, especially investors, stealing their traffic and advertising revenues causing great losses to them