Though crypto exchange revenues have declined after 30% tax they are not falsely accused of money laundering

The indian tech and internet companies have ensured that their stooges with fake resumes, fake experience are holding all the important positions in the internet sector. So many of the decisions these frauds with fake experience take are without any proper understanding of how crypto works and why it is used.
One of the decision which these government employees took was imposing a 30% tax on all crypto transactions
Trading is always risky, there is no guarantee of making a profit
After the government implemented the 30% tax, the trading volumes on the indian crypto exchanges like Bitbns, Coindcx, WazirX and Zebpay have declined to a great extent, since people do not want to take the risk and then also pay 30% tax.
Their revenues have also declined, yet they are not falsely accused of money laundering, only the domain investor is hounded for 13 years wasting crores of taxpayer money.

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