Month: December 2022

Tech, internet companies refuse to admit PPC, CPM advertising revenues have reduced one hundred times in the last decade

Though they make millions of dollars in profit, indian tech and internet companies allegedly led by google, tata are openly involved in a massive online, financial fraud on some indian domain investors, making them pay all the domain renewal, webhosting expenses of Rs 4-5 lakh annually and then falsely claiming that the favorite fraud call girls, girlfriends and associates of top government employees who do not spend any money on domains, own the domains of a private citizen to get the girlfriends and associates of greedy government employees , no work, no investment government jobs at the expense of the real domain investor
Being extremely shameless greedy frauds, the tech and internet companies are spreading fake rumors that investing money in domains is very lucrative, domain investors will automatically make a huge amount of money, when actually domain advertising revenues from PPC, CPM advertising are very low.
Despite generating a huge amount of content, posting it on a large number of domains, the domain investor does not even make $1 per month from PPC and CPM advertising.
While government agencies are quick to label the content exposing their banking fraud as spam, the fact is that when the domain investor posts far less similar content on quora, she finds that she is making far more money.
In 2012, the advertising CPM was $6 , in 2022, the advertising cpm is $0.06 or even lower, it has reduced 100 times, when almost all other revenues, prices, salaries have increased twice or thrice in a decade.
Yet showing how ruthless tech, internet companies, government agencies are in cheating, exploiting, robbing domain investors, they refuse to admit that cpm, ppc advertising rates have reduced 100 times, in the last decade and continue with their fake stories of domain profitability to continue their great financial fraud on some domain investors, especially the domain investor owning this website