Month: June 2023

To cover up BANKING FRAUD, government SLAVERY, haryana government allegedly blocking payment from Adsterra, and closing coinbase account

One of the reasons the revenues of the domain investor are low is because the state governments are intentionally blocking online payment to cover up the BANKING FRAUD, government SLAVERY on the domain investor since 2010.
One of the reasons why haryana,gurugram is flourishing is because the haryana officials/leaders are the top EXTORTIONISTS in india, running the greatest government SLAVERY, financial, banking fraud since 2010, to get GREEDY GOOD LOOKING FRAUDS like raw employee ruchita kinge from the state no work, no investment government jobs FAKING domain ownership, bank account while CHEATING, EXPLOITING,ROBBING hardworking citizens from rest of india, with marathi speaking professionals, investors from north karnataka worst affected
Though haryana’s favorite FRAUD human animal raw employee ruchita kinge has never invested any money in domains, never did any computer work , has no online income, the SHAMELESS CHEATER haryana government has got its top FRAUD ruchita kinge, a raw job in the indian internet sector, falsely claiming that the greedy ruthless robber ruchita kinge, optum human resources manager who never invested any money in domains, is a domain investor while CRIMINALLY DEFAMING the real domain investor who is actually paying the domain renewal fees
Though the SHAMELESS GREEDY CHEATER haryana government got its favorite FRAUD ruchita kinge a raw job FAKING domain ownership[ in 2012 being the most shameless GREEDY LIAR FRAUD government it has not asked the top fraud haryana raw employee ruchita to purchase the domains legally, yet continues to make fake claims about domain ownership and get haryana’s most shameless cheater ruchita kinge a monthly government salary at the expense of the real domain investor, a harmless single woman
Haryana top cheater raw employee ruchita kinge is a human resources manager at optum, getting a salary of Rs 15 lakh annually, she is aware that businesses have to pay their employees or contractors some compensation for the work they do, they are legally obliged to.

Managing websites , writing content takes time , the real domain investor is not getting any compensation from any government or company for the work she does, money she invests and when she is working online to pay for domain renewal expenses the greedy haryana government is trying to extort more money from her, instead of getting the money from haryana’s favorite fraud ruchita kinge who is getting a very good monthly raw salary only for FAKING domain ownership, bank account after BRIBING the corrupt karnataka official
Since the real domain investor who has become a haryana government slave, is making very less money due to the domain ownership fraud of raw/cbi employees like ruthless ruchita kinge, she cannot afford to spend more, and now the haryana government is allegedly blocking all the payment from Adsterra, and now even the coinbase account was closed

Even withdrawal blocked for some indian users only to reduce revenues withdrawal is not working , the user has a balance of more than 31 rubles in the account, yet the withdrawal is blocked to the webmoney purse is blocked. The following message is displayed

The service is temporarily unavailable, please try again later.
Contacting technical support will not speed up this process in any way

The error message was displayed for both Chrome and Firefox browser. It appears that indian government agencies NTRO/raw have asked to block withdrawals for some indian users. Already the indian users are making very less money since they do not get a government salary, and now their hard earned money withdrawal is also blocked

On the website, other users are able to withdraw their money without any problem, only some indian users are facing a problem for the last 15 days.

Now even the domain parking revenue are being robbed

The domain investor invests money in domains hoping to make some money
She paid for some expiring domains, and was able to make some money initially.
However for the last few days, she is not being paid anything
It appears that after robbing advertising revenues, now parking revenues are also being robbed allegedly by the domain fraudster raw/cbi employees like pune axe bank manager nikhil premchandani, greedy gujju stock trader amita patel and others who do not pay any domain expenses at all.
So it is not worthwhile investing money in domains, when the greedy government employees and their associates are robbing revenues, while the domain investor makes a loss paying huge renewal fees every year