Citizens fighting Indian government labor law violations worse than wistron iphone factory, waste their time, lose revenues

Indian government financial fraud, labor law violations on goa 1989 jee topper since 2010, wasting 5-6 hours of her time daily proof that indian government encourages BRAIN DRAIN
The labor law violations at the Wistron Iphone factory are the tip of the iceberg, indian and state governments are openly involved in far worse labor law violations, with the indian tech and internet sector worst, ruthless in CHEATING, EXPLOITING engineers with good JEE rank from india's top engineering college
one of the reasons why most indian students from top colleges leave india is because the indian government is ruthless in committing FINANCIAL FRAUD, labor law violations on engineers with a good JEE rank, falsely claiming that their bank account belongs to various google, tata sponsored raw/cbi employees who do not spend any time doing computer work at all
It can be legally proved that the indian government is openly involved in financial fraud, labor law violations on the goa 1989 jee topper, a harmless single woman engineer since 2010, stealing all the financial data and then falsely claiming that all the computer work is done by google, tata sponsored goan call girls supplied to government employees, cheater robber housewives and other fraud raw/cbi employees who do not spend any time at all, doing the computer work, do not invest money in domains, computer
Though these FINANCIAL FRAUD, labor law violations can be easily proved checking the bank statement, income tax returns of the ruthless fraud raw/cbi employees, the indian government refuses to INVESTIGATE the ntro, raw, cbi computer work fraud, labor law violation

So the goa 1989 jee topper is wasting 5-6 hours of her time daily since 2014, protesting or alerting people about the complete lies of the corrupt greedy government agencies adversely affecting her income, reputation, yet the indian government is extremely brazen in its labor law violations on the hardworking engineer from india's top engineering college, taking advantage of the fact that she has no one to help or defend her against the indian government FINANCIAL FRAUD
this refusal to end the labor law violations is proof that indian government encourages BRAIN DRAIN, it does not want engineers with a good JEE rank to remain in India, openly committing FINANCIAL FRAUD, labor law violations

fraud indian internet companies duping people that the income is automatic to increase harassment of indian paypal account holders

In the last ten years, the income of online publishers in India has decreased very rapidly , while in all other sectors, the income of professionals has increased, yet the indian internet sector refuses to end their fraud

If people were aware that the legal paypal account holder is spending 10-15 hours daily sitting in front of the computer, without any holiday to make some money, they would not be interested in the work or taking over the business since they would also have to hire someone.

So to increase the harassment of the indian paypal account holders,google, tata, indian tech and internet companies are spreading false rumors that the money, is automatic, and just switching on the computer will help them make money.
Google, tata conveniently forget that for making Rs 3 lakh annually in advertising, Rs 4.5 lakh is spent on domain renewals, webhosting and other expenses, forget the labor cost of a highly skilled webmaster and are duping greedy politicians, government employees with their fake stories that the online business is very profitable to increase the harassment of the real business owner

This shows the complete lack of honesty and humanity of google, tata that they are shamelessly DUPING greedy government employees, politicians since 2010 with their FAKE STORIES

slim hot pant wearing goan bhandari fraud R&AW employee sunaina chodan's domain ownership FRAUD is adversely affecting advertising revenues since 2013

Though the slim hot pant wearing goan bhandari fraud R&AW employee sunaina chodan does not even have a computer at home, in one of the greatest SEX, BRIBERY RACKETS in the world indian tech and internet companies led by google, tata have been falsely claiming the goan bhandari fraud who does not spend any money on domains is an online expert, domain investor owning the domains of a older single woman who is actually spending Rs 4-5 lakh annually for the domains and get sunaina a monthly government salary
The indian internet companies are great LIARS, FRAUDSTERS so all the intelligence and security agencies are blindly believing in the domain ownership fake claims and the ownership of the domains is not getting verified
Only when the website ownership is verified, the ad network is selling ads
So the real domain investor has added the domains which she legally owns in her text link ad account, yet every few days, the verification is cancelled because the goa intelligence and security agencies are making fake claims about the domains, because sunaina is their relative, or is bribing them,

So the real domain investor, older single woman has to waste time to verify the domains, and then again the LIAR intelligence and security agencies are misleading intelligence, security agencies worldwide, mainly because sunaina is their relative, so no ads are sold, This is why the domain investor, single woman wishes to end the domain ownership fraud at the earliest, because she is not able to sell advertising since the indian and goa government agencies are making 100% fake claims of domain ownership in a clear case of CORRUPTION, NEPOTISM.

Google, tata sponsored greedy goan bhandari r&aw employee sunaina is least interested in purchasing any domain, paying Rs 4-5 lakh annually , and the real domain investor is not allowed to sell advertising or even the domains and reduce her expenses forcing her to protest loudly

Browser hacked in CYBERCRIME to prevent link sales, reduce revenues of single woman domain investor

though the greedy shameless fraud indian tech and internet companies led allegedly by google, tata are aware that the robber, cheater housewives, school droppouts and other frauds they have got raw/cbi jobs falsely claiming that these frauds are domain investors, do not spend any money on domains these fraud companies, ntro, raw, cbi continue with their FINANCIAL FRAUD on the single woman to make fake claims to pay its fraud lazy housewife employees robber riddhi, sindhi scammer school dropout naina chandan, a monthly cbi salary at the expense of the real domain investor

The domain investor is trying very hard to sell some advertising, links to make enough to pay the domain renewal fees of Rs 4-5 lakh which she alone is paying, while the greedy google, tata sponsored raw/cbi employees are getting monthly salaries at her expense for making fake claims.
Yet in another case of cybercrime, ntro, raw, cbi, google, tata, have hacked the browsers so that the real domain investor, a hardworking single woman, private citizen is not able to sell any links.

The website has plenty of opportunities for link sales, thousands of people are selling their links, yet to cover up their FINANCIAL FRAUD, google, tata have blocked the link sales on the Seamonkey and microsoft edge browser after making fake claims about domain ownership, computer work indicating that top indian tech and internet companies are the leading online fraudsters
This cybercrime of the indian tech and internet companies is wasting the time and causing great financial losses to the domain investor, a private citizen, reducing her revenues

Google's persecution of link sellers has resulted in guest post spam

Google's persecution of link sellers has resulted in guest post spam, instead of directly purchasing links, people are writing mails requesting guest posts with a link, which has the same effect on the business, he has to spend money

Others get irritated by the guestpost requests
Oct 9
This guest post spam is getting out of control:

"My name is Maria and I work with Roto-Rooter. Out of curiosity, my team and I were wondering if you’d be interested in publishing a comprehensive article written by one of our plumbing experts at Roto-Rooter?"

Indian government Rs 15 lakh annual FINANCIAL FRAUD on domain investor, adversely affecting revenues

One of the reasons why Chinese apps like Tiktok, PUBG are so popular in India, is because top indian internet companies, top indian internet sector officials are the greatest fraudsters and liars, openly involved in fraud on investors, innovators and risk takers in India

In a FINANCIAL,ONLINE fraud masterminded by IIT kharagpur alumni sundar pichai led google, the indian government wants a private citizen to spend 8-10 hours working daily to do computer work for others, to spend Rs 4-5 lakh annually on domain names for renewals and then DUPES countries, companies and people worldwide that the callgirl like goan bhandari sunaina chodan, siddhi mandrekar, sindhi schooldropout naina chandan,robber,cheater housewife like panaji robber riddhi nayak caro. nayanshree hathwar, indore robber deepika and other fraud raw/cbi employees like greedy gujju stock broker asmita patel, nikhil, karan, who do not spend any money on the own the domains of a private citizen.

Similarly the domain investor is spending 8-10 hours daily writing to pay for domain renewals using iwriter, yet in another FINANCIAL,COMPUTER WORK FRAUD, the indian government refuses to acknowledge the time she is spending writing, and falsely claims that the iwriter account of a private citizen belongs to lazy greedy fraud raw/cbi employees who do not spend time, do not have the skills, to pay them monthly raw/cbi salaries at her expense.
So effectly the domain investor, is cheated of at least Rs 15 lakh annually by the indian government which refuses to update its data on online work, income, and dupes companies, countries, and people worldwide with fake claims about domains, iwriter account.
This indian government FINANCIAL FRAUD on a private citizen, domain investor, makes it difficult to sell advertising, domains, at a fair price, or lead a life of dignity resulting in various crimes like burglary, criminal trespassing and defamation
Like the many people including goan bhandari R&AW employee sunaina chodan, cheated of Rs 356 at stylofab who complain at consumercomplaints, consumercomplaintscourt when they feel they are cheated, the domain investor is also wasting her time 3-4 hours daily, complaining about the financial, computer work fraud of the indian and state governments. This financial fraud is also adversely affecting revenues of the domain investor since the same time could be used more productively for paid work.

when the real domain investor is informing countries people, companies worldwide about the indian governmment FINANCIAL FRAUD on domain investors, the LIAR indian government is falsely labelling the citizen a security threat when there are many like her who complain online

Google iwriter fraud in India adversely affecting advertising revenues of google competitor, domain investor

Google is ruthless in destroying competition in India and it is openly involved in iwriter fraud to do so., To ensure that the google competitor, a single woman does not get any advertising, competing with google adwords, it is BRIBING the goa, karnataka, madhya pradesh, maharashtra, haryana government to MAKE FAKE CLAIMS about the iwriter account of the google competitor, 137870

The LIAR state governments are falsely claiming that 13 raw/cbi employees who do not writing work at all, own the iwriter account 137870 for the last 7 years, in a major government FINANCIAL, WRITING FRAUD
there are many indian citizens who have a iwriter account, the indian and state governments do not make fake claims about their iwriter account to DEFAME, CHEAT, EXPLOIT the writer, only the google competitor with iwriter account 137870 is targetted for indian and state government fraud, denying her a life of dignity, the income and opportunities she deserves
Then after convincing the LIAR indian, state governments, especially in goa to make fake claims about iwriter account 137870, stealing data like the TCS $140 million data theft, google and the CORRUPT LIAR officials on its payroll are spreading false rumors about the source of income of the google competitor, to criminally defame, cheat and exploit her

To write 100 articles monthly, the writer has to spend 8-10 hours daily, which the LIAR DATA ROBBER raw/cbi employees are not doing, yet the indian, state governments are making FAKE CLAIMS only to CRIMINALLY DEFAME the domain investor, ruin her reputation

No one has stopped the CYBERCRIMINAL DATA ROBBER 13 raw/cbi employees from opening their own paypal,bank account, they refuse to do so, yet continue with their fraud for the last ten years with the help of google, liar ntro, raw, cbi employees

R&AW/cbi cause great financial losses to the domain investor with their FINANCIAL, ONLINE FRAUD since 2010

Though the greedy shameless LIAR google, tata sponsored raw/cbi employees like fraud asmita patel, riddhi nayak caro, scammer sindhi school dropout naina chandan, her lazy fraud sons karan, nikhil, haryana scammer mba hr ruchika kinge, siddhi mandrekar, sunaina chodan, nayanshree hathwar, indore robber deepika are least interested in paying any money for domains, webhosting, the fraud indian internet sector controlled by google, tata is falsely claiming that all these fraudsters are domain investors to pay them monthly salaries at the expense of the real domain investor.
In addition to making it extremely difficult to sell the domains at a fair price, the fraud indian internet companies have also blocked selling guest posts and other forms of advertising to monetize the website
For example, many indians are getting work on Fiverr for guest posts, only the domain investor is blocked,There are many businesses selling guest posts through their websites, have many clients, only the single woman domain investor is blocked
Then these fraud raw/cbi employees are spreading false rumors that the only money the domain investor will get is from selling plants, seeds, when she will first sell the domains if advertising and writing work is blocked, since she alone is paying for the domains.
To prove that she has nothing for selling, the raw/cbi employees are purchasing items which were listed for sale 3-5 years ago, like content buyers list, plants.

So now the domain investor updated the information of the products she can sell to include the guest posts, since many other indian citizens are also selling guest posts, and it is clear that raw/cbi employees will never purchase the domains legally

NTRO, R&AW, cbi policy of making fake claims about their BANKING FRAUDSTER LIAR, CYBERCRIMINAL employees adversely affecting paypal revenue growth in India

Paypal's referral program exposes NTRO, RAW, CBI paypal, banking, computer work fraud, CYBERCRIME for ten years allegedly bribed by google, tata
Allegedly bribed by the fraud LIAR indian internet and tech companies, google, tata , NTRO, RAW, CBI were openly involved in paypal, banking, computer work fraud, CYBERCRIME since 2010, ROBBING the business data of a hardworking single woman domain investor and then falsely claiming that the lazy greedy mediocre inexperienced relatives and friends of top officials who did no computer work, owned the paypal, bank account, domains of the domain investor, to pay all the greedy frauds monthly raw/cbi salary .
The hardworking domain investor was criminally defamed in the worst manner, especially in panaji, goa, denied her fundamental rights, her house burgled repeatedly, subjected to fake dengue allegations, her tree in private property cut and dumped due to CYBERCRIME, COMPUTER work fraud, because of the indian and state government policy of blindly believing in LIAR NTRO, RAW, cbi employees making up FAKE CLAIMS using data stolen by cybercriminal ntro employees

Because of the indian and state government policy of rewarding CYBERCRIMINAL LIARS making FAKE CLAIMS with monthly salaries and defaming hardworking skilled citizens, no one especially in goa, is interested in doing any paid computer work since MAKING FAKE CLAIMS is extremely lucrative in goa and india, and paypal is finding it difficult to grow in India

So paypal has started a new referral program in india, offering $10 for referring new users to Paypal,who will make $100 within 45 days. Anyone who signs up with the Paypal referral link will also get a $10 bonus if they make $100 within 45 days from customers outside india.

Like the actor sushant singh rajput, the domain investor is also banned in India for advertising,content, domain sales

The domain investor, a private citizen is closely monitoring the death of actor sushant singh rajput, since he was allegedly banned by all major film production houses in Bollywood in a tweet of KRKBoxoffice on 27 February 2020
According to our sources #Dharma #SajidNadiadwala #YRF #TSeries #SalmanKhan #DineshVijan #Balaji have banned #sushantsinghRajput! So now he can do web series or TV serials only. Superb!!
This highlights a major problem in many industry sectors in India, that some professionals are banned completely. The indian internet sector is far worse than Bollywood since people they ban like the domain investor do not get any kind of work offline and online. Though the domain investor is getting some advertising from websites outside india, in India, no advertiser has the courage to advertise on the websites
Similarly though the domain investor, a private citizen, is also one of the most prolific writers in india on iwriter (iwriter account 137870) and owns many domains, no indian business will deal with her, since powerful brahmin, bania officials have banned her. There are plenty of customers outside india for the domains, writing and advertising, yet in a FINANCIAL FRAUD RAW/cbi are falsely claiming that their CALL GIRL, robber, cheater employees like goan bhandari sunaina chodan with no online income, own the paypal, bank account, domains of the domain investor in a government fraud

R&AW/cbi employees like nayanshree hathwar, riddhi nayak caro are only COOKING, HOUSEKEEPING, yet the indian government is making up fake stories of computer work, to justify wasting taxpayer money on their salaries while criminally defaming the real writer, domain investor

This banning of sushant singh rajput shows how kshatriya professionals, business owners are systematically banned by the brahmin, bania officials, companies, so that they get no paid work in india, and when they are paid their customers abroad, indian government is openly involved in FINANCIAL, BANKING FRAUD since 2010, which can be legally proved using income tax returns

Brahmin, bania cheaters, liars get support from entire community ,officials though they are openly involved in fraud, no one helps honest, hardworking kshatriya professionals, business owners, though there is no legally valid proof against them