I Don’t Need to Do Any Housecleaning Thanks to People Who Do It for Me

My dad used to ground me often when I was a kid because I didn’t want to do my chores at home. I disliked cleaning early on in life, and sadly, that has not changed. However, It works out well now that the employees that work forw.kleepers.com really like cleaning, and they do a fantastic job of it for me. If it weren’t for their help, my home would be a mess all of the time. As an adult, the only times that I have really pushed myself to make my place look nice has been when I heard that family members or an important friend were coming over. Even then, I did not enjoy the task at all.

When I was really young, my mom would get really frustrated that I didn’t help around the house more. I remember that she started out with an 8-inch by 12-inch chore chart on the wall for me to follow. Each day, she assigned two or 3 things for me to help out with around the house. If she was lucky, I completed one of those things. Then, I would find ways to sneak out of the house to go place with my friends. When I would come back at night, I would find my dad waiting for me so that he could ground me after he learned from my mother that I didn’t complete my house chores.

At some point, mom worried that her chart wasn’t big enough, so she made an oversized one and she even placed it in my bedroom. That didn’t help either. My mother used to get really upset and would tell my father that no female would ever want to marry me because I was lazy and will never help around the house. I’m single now as an adult, and I’m not sure why no one has wanted to marry me yet. However, when I do find the right lady, I think she will be quite pleased that I already have a housekeeper!