The Party Sort of Went off the Rails

In fact that sort of hints that it was ever on the rails. At any rate we had a lot of strippers at the party and things were already really interesting. Then an Asian girl got up on what counted for the stage. She was smoking hot and really good at what she was doing, but suddenly another Asian girl climbed up on that table and tried to upstage her. You could tell right off it was not a friendly rivalry. The next thing you know two Las Vegas Asian escorts were involved in a real all out brawl. At first this was the best entertainment in the world, but it seemed pretty obvious that you were going to need an ambulance or worse yet a police car if you did not put a stop to it. Me and another guy got booed when we pulled them apart and as is usual in these sorts of things, I got a bloody nose. For a tiny little girl the one I grabbed packed a punch.

I did not bleed much or for long, but it worked out great for me. This girl was really sorry for what she had done, to me at least. She clearly would have liked to have ripped the other girl’s hair out by the roots. At any rate she told me that she would take care of me and I did not see any reason to argue with her. I got to know her a little and found out the origins of her feud with the other girl. She told me she was never a real escort, but one of those web pages had her listed as a dancer who performed at bachelor parties. She was actually a nice girl and extremely nice to me if I say so.