Since 2010, politicians and officials are very efficient in reducing the revenues of citizens working at home.

In the last decade, indian tech, internet companies and politicians have use multiple methods to ensure that if they wish , a person will not get any kind of paid work at home at all, however hard he or she tries
Making up fake excuses of security threat, the government agencies are diverting and stealing all the correspondence of some citizens working at home, like the domain investor, so that her income is very low. So the only work available is very low end money making work , which will pay very less.
So if an experienced webmaster or engineer is working at home due to personal reasons, making up fake stories of national security the intelligence and security agency employees will ensure that the engineer only gets very low end work
Then in another great fraud of the internet companies they are falsely claiming that scammer students,cheater housewives and other young frauds like goan bhandari call girl sunaina chodan, sindhi scammer brothers nikhil,karan premchadani short slim architect telugu trisha who do not spend any time, are doing the computer work, to give them great powers and government salary in another case of government SLAVERY in the indian tech, and internet sector