Indian government agencies refuse to acknowledge that business revenues decreases, repeat black money allegations like parrots

In the tech , internet sector, when the technology is new, the early investors are making a lot of money for a few years
They may splurge when they have more money, or withdraw more cash from the bank, especially 10-15 years ago when credit cards were not used
Then when the technology becomes popular or outdated, the early investors may not make money, especially if they are harassed or mentally tortured
Yet the well paid government employees, profitable tech and internet companies refuse to admit that the business revenues have declined to a great extent, and hysterically make fake black money allegations
When the online business revenues have drastically reduced, there is no way the business owner can make a profit, yet the government employees whose salary increases regularly refuse to acknowledge the reality and continue to hysterically make fake allegations in a clear case of criminally defamation