Google ensures that no ads are sold on websites exposing the google fraud

In 2018, the google competitor has observde that google, through its associates has ensured that no ads are being sold on the websites exposing the google fraud. So the google competitor has realized that writing content for her websites is a waste of her time, she is working like a slave without getting any money, the same time can be used more productively .

So she is renting the domains so that she will at least get $ 0.05 to 0.1 per month per domain to partly cover her domain renewal expenses. This is the best option for low quality domains .

There are more than 300 domains with no ads sold, difficult to sell and annual expenses of $11 each for renewals

With revenues falling rapidly,identity theft, no incentive to invest more money online

The top officials in ntro, indian internet sector are showing their extreme dishonesty, lack of vision and foresight, when they steal the identity of domain investor spending a lot of time and money online, for goan prostitutes, cheater housewives and other frauds, also blocking payment, closing the account
The revenues of online publishers, domain investors are declining rapidly and the indian government, ntro is ruthless in stealing the identity of female domain investors to enjoy free sex with google,tata supplied goan prostitutes, get bribes from cheater housewives and other frauds

The domain investor, google competitor , invested a lot of money online, only when she was making a good profit online , now when she is making a loss, and the indian, goan government is not even acknowledging the time and money she is spending online, rewarding criminals like indore document robber veena with a monthly salary for cheating her, it is better to reduce exposure to the internet sector where fraud is worshipped.

If the internet companies wish to grow, let them find other investors spending their money online , because they refuse to acknowledge the existing investors who spend their money online, falsely labelling them a security threat, having black money, without any legally valid proof.

Ad network has not paid in March 2018, May 2018, yet expecting new ads to be posted

On Tuesday June 19, 2018, the domain investor received request for a Linkmura .
However the ad network has not paid the domain investor since March 2018, more than Rs 3000 is still pending
”They are not also replying to support tickets
However they continue to send new requests for ads
If the ad is not placed the publisher feels that she has missed an opportunity as she has very few orders
However with no payment for more than 3 months, the possibity that she will not be paid for the new ads is also very high.
So this is another way devised by google,tata , NTRO to mentally torture the domain investor who they have already defamed without proof, cheated and exploited

Website rejected for exposing google,tata PROSTITUTION, BRIBERY RACKET, financial fraud

Since 2010, google,tata have ruthlessly defamed without proof, cheated and exploited a harmless single woman engineer, domain investor, google competitor to operate a major PROSTITUTION, BRIBERY RACKET, financial fraud , having the fraud ntro employees abuse their powers and make fake claims about the paypal, bank account, domain names, and websites of the domain investor

Since the indian government is refusing to investigate the PROSTITUTION, BRIBERY RACKET, financial fraud , the domain investor is forced to post a very explicit disclaimer explaining the fraud that is taking place, so that no one believes the lies of the ntro, google, tata employees who falsely claim that google, tata sponsored goan prostitute and other fraud raw/cbi employees who do not spend any money and time, own the website to get all the sex workers, frauds a monthly government salary

However when the disclaimer was posted on a cottage retreat website and it was added to an ad network, google, tata ensured that the website was rejected so that the domain investor does not make any money from the website

Google,tata stealing, deleting order emails for google competitor

The sundar pichai led google is extremely vicious in defaming, cheating and exploiting the google competitor, falsely claiming that the 10 google, tata sponsored goan prostitute sunaina chodan, cheater housewife and other fraud R&AW/cbi employees who are not doing any work, are writing content so that these lazy fraud women get a monthly salary at the expense of the google competitor.
The google competitor is a fairly decent writer and after a lot of effort, she has got a few clients who are requesting work from her specifically. However not satisfied with stealing the resume, savings, correspondence of the google competitor to get bribes, salaries for their lazy greedy fraud relatives like nayanshree hathwar, riddhi nayak without doing any work, and enjoying sex with google,tata supplied goan prostitute raw employees sunaina, siddhi, the section 420 fraud ntro employees are also stealing the orders specifically for the writer
Usually when a special request is made at Iwriter, an email is sent to the account holder. However as part of the never ending google,tata corporate espionage, now the special request order emails are also being deleted. They are hacking the browser, so that the order is not visible to the user, despite specifically checking for new orders.
Due to some software change, one order was visible,and it had placed more than 18 hours ago, yet it was visible only 15 hours after it had been placed, indicating how ruthless the officials are in causing losses to the engineer. The email notification from Iwriter was also deleted by the google, tata, ntro employees as part of their sex, bribery racket, banking, financial fraud.
For another ad network , no payment was received since March 2018, due to payment blocking by google,tata employees

After killing all link selling networks, google not deindexing websites

After a huge amount of indian tax payer money was wasted by ntro to help google kill almost all link selling ad networks, now google is no longer deindexing websites of the link sellers
The domain investor has been closely monitoring the indexing and deindexing of her websites. In 2010-2017, when there was some money to be made selling text link ads, google was fairly aggressive in deindexing various websites, especially wordpress blogs.
In 2018, google has managed to kill almost all link selling ad networks, and also steal the correspondence of the link sellers, by bribing officials. So now it is no longer deindexing websites as it is aware that almost no links are being sold on the link sellers websites as webmasters are terrified of purchasing link ads. The websites which were deindexed in 2015 and earlier are also being indexed again as the websites are only an expense for the link sellers, they are not a source of revenue in any way.

To reduce revenues of google competitor, webhosting company emails deleted intentionally

The sundar pichai led google is extremely vicious in destroying the business, reputation of google competitor, and is openly involved in cybercrime, bribing ntro, raw, cbi employees to divert and steal the emails of the google competitor

In a clear indication of the endless corporate espionage faced by the google competitor, caused by ntro, raw, cbi, google,tata employees , she found that the emails from the webhosting company, regarding change in name servers , cpanel url were deleted
Only after a support ticket was raised, did she get the information about the change in name servers , new cpanel url details. The webhosting company confirmed that the email was sent earlier also

This is a clear indication of how vicious google,tata are in causing losses to the domain investor, google competitor, wasting her time, that they are deleting all emails from the webhosting company

Google trying very hard to reduce monthly revenues of google competitor to $50

The sundar pichai led google is ruthless in destroying competition and has bribed the indian government to waste a huge amount of indian tax payer money to reduce the revenues of the google competitor to $50 or less . The google associates would repeatedly send emails. The termination of Mitsu as a domain registrar was allegedly also a part of the strategy to reduce the revenues of the google competitor, domain investor as she cannot make any money selling the .in domain names. Everyone believed in the ntro employees lies about the ownership of domain names that their favorite sex workers and frauds owned the domain names

Realizing that their 8 year old identity theft fraud is not working mainly because the domain investor has a large number of domains, which she can liquidate any time, the cunning google,tata, ntro employees who masterminded the sex, bribery racket, financial fraud are now trying to ensure that the domain investor does not have any liquid assets, so that they can force her to agree to identity theft

Earlier they would send emails to taunt her that she would make only $50 a month, now after 8 years they have realized that the domain investor can sell her domain names anytime she wishes as she alone is paying for the domain names and controlling them. Depending on how much money she requires, she sells her domain names. So they have sent their associate to purchase all the domain names of the domain investor . There is no one who cares for the domain investor, so she does not have to bother about their opinion , impress anyone with her revenues.

However the domain investor who has realized that these powerful officials are extremely ruthless in destroying her life, has decided that she will liquidate her assets very slowly so that officials do not enjoy the identity theft quickly, making them wait, it is her form of fighting back against an extremely powerful enemy who cannot be identified or held accountable

Time solves many of the problems, for example till 2016, these officials were ruthless in using radiation torture, however the indore frauds and others got tired of wasting their money to bribe officials and now the radiation torture has greatly reduced in 2018. It is also clear that all the ntro employees are liars, cheaters, and their lazy greedy cheater girlfriends, relatives will never invest money in domain names or manage a website network.

When google stop hounding a harmless indian citizen, domain investor

Google competitor,engineer treated worse than convicted murderer in Goa, does not get orders and payment

Google is ruthless in destroying competition ensuring that its business rivals do not get any orders and payment, reducing their revenues, bribing government officials to block payment, and their condition is worse than convicted murderers in goa who are allowed to get orders, payment and make good money

In a clear case of discrimination and denial of fundamental rights, an experienced harmless single woman engineer, google competitor, with a better 1989 jee rank than google ceo sundar pichai finds that all her payment in goa is blocked by the corrupt goan officials like pritesh chodankar, nayak, caro, mandrekar who are defaming her without any legally valid proof, trying to steal her identity for their lazy greedy inexperienced relatives who were too mediocre to answer JEE and get their own btech degree legally.

Herald carried the story of a convicted murder in jail Rohan Pai Dhungat who was making good money selling painting, however the engineer who is subjected to identity theft in goa , finds that the fraud goan officials like caro, mandrekar, nayak, pritesh chodankar, hathwar, kodancha are so ruthless in blocking her payment , that she is unable to make any money from customers in India, almost all her payment is blocked by these corrupt government employees who are defaming her without any proof, so that their identity theft racket is not exposed.

Though he was convicted of murder, more than 10 years ago, Rohan Pai Dhungat was making good money selling paintings as he was able to get leads and orders, get paid for his work. However in a clear proof that top goan officials are ruthless in their identity theft fraud on the gogle competitor,a harmless single woman engineer finds that all her leads and orders are stolen , payment from indian customers blocked, indicating that however the goan officials and government is openly cheating her, holding her virtual prisoner, diverting and stealing all her correspondence, leads , orders without a court order or legally valid reason.

When a convicted murderer in Goa can get orders, work and make money, why is the goan and indian government so ruthless in ensuring that the harmless single woman engineer, google competitor, domain investor, does not get any orders, work and cannot make money despite being willing to work very hard, being experienced, since 2010, wasting crores of indian tax payer money

Google, tata making millions of dollars in profit, yet refuse to legally purchase the domain names, websites legally for the lazy greedy goan prostitutes , frauds they are promoting as domain investors,online experts

IT and internet companies like google,tata are the greatest financial fraudsters in the world,making millions of dollars in profit, yet refuse to legally purchase the domain names, websites legally for the lazy greedy goan prostitutes , frauds they are promoting as domain investors,online experts so that the prostitutes and frauds get a monthly R&AW/cbi salaries at the expense of the real domain investor

google, tata are supplying the lazy greedy goan prostitutes sunaina chodan, siddhi mandrekar to top ntro, cbi, raw, indian government employees for sex as bribes to the top government employees and to avoid paying the sex workers their fees from the profit they are making, google, tata are falsely claiming that that the sex workers are online experts , domain investors

These sex workers, frauds are getting a monthly government salary at the expense of the domain investor, the domain investor is getting nothing, so there is no reason why google, tata, indian and goan government should falsely associates their favorite prostitutes, frauds with her

Any help to make Google, tata making millions of dollars in profit, to legally purchase the domain names, websites legally for the lazy greedy goan prostitutes , fraud R&AW/cbi employees they are promoting as domain investors,online experts will be appreciated